Life, The College Way

You’re sitting at home watching reruns of everyone’s favorite HBCU sitcom depicting the lifestyle of a group of African American college students preparing themselves to go out into the world. Yes, you’re watching A Different World. Every season, you watch Dwayne, Whitley, Kim, Freddie, Ron, Jaleesa, and the rest of the characters go through each year of college until they graduate with their degree. Afterward, you watch them turn that degree into their future careers like doctors, engineers, professors, etc. Having a college degree can take you far in life, and here’s a few benefits of chasing that goal: 

Benefit #1: Give Me The Loot! 

Getting that degree comes with that green! According to research done by Cornerstone University, the yearly income gap between high school graduates and college degree holders is more than $17,500. College graduates also earn $1 million more in their earnings over their lifetime. Therefore, depending on your level of degree (Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate) you’ll be on your way to making more cheese to satisfy your everyday needs. 

Benefit #2: Mama, I Made It! 

In terms of employment, there are more jobs available to college graduates after graduation than there are for high school graduates. College graduates have immediate access to their careers where they can be on their way to becoming a doctor like Kim or a big shot engineer in Japan like Dwayne. According to FinAid, college graduates have half the unemployment rates as school graduates and as stated before, better job security. They also have better benefits on the job, such as health care and retirement plans. Do you know what that means? You’ll be set for life...sorta! 

Benefit #3: Let Society Watch You Work! 

So you have all the money and the career, but what about your place in society? Almost everyone wants to leave their mark on this earth in their own special way, and what better way to do that than having a degree? It’s more than just a piece of paper with your name and accomplishments on it. That’s your ticket to not only mold yourself into the career-driven, determined young woman or man you want to be, but it also allows you to reconstruct your society the way you see fit, even in the smallest of ways. I know you’re sitting there contemplating what you should do, so I’ll help you. Stand up, pick up your phone or your laptop, and connect with a college or university you’re interested in to learn more about it. That’s the first step to not only a great decision but also a great life. 

Faith Smith, Valparaiso University ‘22