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Student Advisory Council

One of our core goals is to assist young people in achieving career success. Being a member of our Student Advisory Council would both be a resume booster and provide rare experience and insight into how a business runs! We are looking for college students who are interested in: entrepreneurship/startups, finance, business, UI/UX design, operations, strategy, and coding.

There is no single characteristic that describes an ideal applicant. We look for:

  • People who have enthusiasm, drive, and of course, plenty of creativity.

  • Team players—who are well-connected, eager to step out of their comfort zones, and make things happen.

  • Leaders who inspire their peers, collaborate with administrators and campus organizations, and produce results.

We need help understanding how you approach the financial challenges associated with going to college, as well as how you engage with various products and resources. We believe that the feedback that you can provide will be paramount in our success.

Come help make us a better company and provide more / better / faster products and services to other students

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