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Financial Literacy Panel @ After School Matters

  • Morningstar @ Block 37 (map)

Excited to join the ASM graduating senior class at their Senior Send Off!

Come out to meet these incredible students and hear how the panel answers these questions:

  • What is one piece of financial advice you wish you had received when you were 18 years old?

  • What does a typical budget look like?  For example, what percentage of my salary would you recommend I spend on housing?  What are the items I should consider in my budget creation?

  • How does one build credit and why is it important?  Is there such a thing as “good debt?”

  • What is an emergency fund?  Is it better to save or first pay off my debt/loans?

  • How should one manage money during college and is this the same way you’d recommend someone manage their money right after college?

  • What is the single best strategy to accumulate wealth?